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Our Premium Products

Welcome to our website! While our double-glazed windows and doors stand as our flagship products, we are excited to present an expanded array of offerings that cater to your diverse needs. Our goal is to provide our valued clients with a comprehensive selection that simplifies the process of acquiring multiple items in one convenient location, alleviating the hassle of coordinating with numerous suppliers simultaneously. At 8trium, in collaboration with our dedicated supply and manufacturing partner, we undertake the entire spectrum of operations, spanning manufacturing, logistics, seamless transportation to your site, and efficient unloading procedures. Should the need arise, we are more than capable of facilitating the installation process as well. We take immense pride in the premium quality that defines all our products, ensuring that every item you choose reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence.


Prefabricated Custom
Kit Homes

When you thought kit homes could not get any better.

Our custom prefabricated homes can be arranged in numerous ways with several different inclusions available, including double-glazed windows and solar panels for those who want energy efficiency.


With so many custom kitchens available, it's sometimes hard to decide, but for our commercial clients, we can put together two two light and two dark options to keep planning and designing easy.

Walk-in Pantries

You have the luxury to be as elaborate as you like with walk-in pantries. This cabinetry can also be used for office spaces, tea rooms, walk-in robes and bathrooms. You choose the design and we can help with the styling.,

Colour Selection

Navigating through the multitude of colour choices for a project can often feel like a daunting task, especially given the abundance of options available. At our company, we specialise in alleviating this overwhelm by providing expert assistance to your team or designers in selecting the perfect palette. Our goal is to ensure that your final creation resonates with your client's vision and expectations. With our guidance, you can confidently achieve the ideal aesthetic that not only captures attention but also communicates your message effectively. Let us empower your creative process and streamline your color selection, making your project stand out with the right hues and tones.


Structural Steel

In view of the distinctive Australian climate conditions, our predominant focus revolves around the utilisation of galvanised structural steel, a material renowned for its durability and resilience against the elements. Our approach entails a seamless collaboration with builders, prioritising the accuracy of every piece of information supplied. This meticulous attention to detail serves as the initial step before our proficient team of engineers meticulously scrutinises each facet of the project, employing a comprehensive triple-check process. Only upon this rigorous assessment do we proceed to craft precise and meticulous cutting lists. This ensures that every project is not only well-prepared but also aligned with the highest standards of precision and quality.

Curtain Wall Systems

When you're seeking top-tier curtain wall systems, our team of seasoned experts is here to deliver tailor-made solutions for projects of any scale. With a keen focus on customisation, we meticulously craft curtain wall systems that seamlessly integrate with your architectural vision. Our comprehensive services encompass not only design and installation but also efficient project management, ensuring a smooth and successful execution from inception to completion. Partner with us to elevate your construction endeavors with innovative and aesthetically pleasing curtain wall solutions that stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Glass Buildings
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