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We are an Australian owned family business that aims to provide the construction industry with the best Double Glazed windows, doors, structural steel, joinery and flooring on the market for both high end residential & commercial aspects. With Autoclaved aerated concrete panels now available.

All our products have been fully certified & tested within Australia to ensure that what we bring to you meets Australian standards. We are here to give you the best products we can with the best service. Our business will always be about you. We believe that every relationship is for the long term.

We look forward to being able to work with you in the near future.



Debra Moran

Founder & CEO

As the Commercial National Sales Manager & CEO of 8trium Group I come from a vast background in building design with experience in managing small to large commercial projects.

I'm extremely passionate about what I do & pride myself on always delivering.

To me it is all about respect, understanding & listening to my clients every time.

Trust is only the beginning!

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Supplier & Logistics

MatKay is an Australian owned family company that sources local & imported premium building products for 8trium.

MatKay has over 25 years of experience within the building industry in Australia and it is their expertise in the building and manufacturing sectors that has lead us to make the decision to partner with them directly.

For a clearer future!

 Window Fixer

Install Teams

National Install Team

Our amazing install crews are a collaboration of certified, well reconsigned & honest installers. We hold them to the same standards that they themselves hold themselves to.

Our company & brand is about delivering & we want you to keep us up to that promise.


Work Meeting

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 Design & Production


Tel: 61+ 4127 59957 (Debra)




Canberra, ACT 2615


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